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Flowcrete’s Comprehensive Flooring Collection Key for Cambridge Council Car Park

Flowcrete UK and its applicator partner was chosen by Cambridge council to repair and reinvigorate a two-storey car park, ramp and large garage area in Newtown. 

A number of issues were identified when the 1,580m2 site was reviewed. The problems in the car park included water migrating from the top deck to the lower deck, cracking across the floor, leaking gullies as well as undulations in the concrete slab causing ponding. One of the main problems in the 45-unit garage area was that a 100ml recess in the concrete slab’s centre was collecting water.

Central to the selection of Flowcrete UK and its applicator partner was the ability to identify all the site’s problems and deliver a complete package from pre-contract specification and inspection to post-contract inspection. This partnership meant that Cambridge Council only had one source for all the various repair mortars, screeds, damp proof membranes, PU injection systems, corrosion protection and resin coatings as well as the multidisciplinary knowledge required to fix the existing problems and upgrade the site. 

Flowfast F1 Mortar was used to bring the substrate up to standard, repair the gullies and infill voids and buried joints. Isocrete Isopol SBR created a waterproof screed on the car park ramp and main garage area as well as a waterproof render band around the perimeter of the walls. The Isocrete M-Bond primer was also applied to further protect against rising moisture in the garage area.

Flowcoat SF41, a hard wearing epoxy resin coating, was applied as a wearing surface across the 850m2 garage, with anti-slip aggregates incorporated into the finish. 700m2 of the fast cure deck coating system Deckshield Rapide ID-HD was installed on the car park’s top deck and ramp to create a robust surface able to withstand traffic, weather and automotive chemicals. 

Throughout the project the council’s contract manager closely monitored Flowcrete UK and its applicator partner. The entire project took 2 ½ months to complete, meeting the 3-month deadline. After the installation the site’s operators were supplied with a comprehensive O&M manual to help maintain and manage the floor area.

Project Details

  • Client: Cambridge Council
  • Products: , , Industrial Resins
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Year: 2016

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