The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) Resource Centre

Rejoice Chikosi / 31 August 2023

Project Details:

Client: The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Products: Flowfast Quartz Structure, Flowfast Terrosso Flake, K-Screed

Market Sector: Public Services

Contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey

Installer: Advanced Traditional Screeding (ATS)

Location: Cambuslang, Glasgow

Year: 2023

High-Performance Flooring Installed at New Asset & Resource Centre for the SFRS

The Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS) constructed a state-of-the-art Asset Resource Centre adjacent to its existing headquarters and training facilities in Cambuslang, located on the outskirts of Glasgow.

With the facility serving as a central hub for servicing the SFRS fleet and emergency vehicles, the floors needed to support the building’s operational activity, stand up to regular footfall, and maintain an aesthetic appeal due to the centre providing office space storage facilities and staff welfare amenities.

Equipped with modern maintenance and repair equipment to allow for efficient servicing and upkeep of the fleet, the cutting-edge facility also required floors that played an important navigation role, highlighting working areas, and demarcating vehicle, and pedestrian routes, to ensure seamless and efficient emergency responses.

A Decorative and Durable Flooring Solution

ATS and Flowcrete supported McLaughlin and Harvey to see the project to fruition.

The chosen system, Flowcrete’s Flowfast Quartz, is a fast-cure seamless methyl methacrylate (MMA) floor coating that delivers a robust, easily maintained, and slip-resistant surface with the added advantage of minimal disruption to day-to-day services if needs be.

Amenities, including rest areas, break rooms, locker rooms, and other spaces designed to support the staff members' physical and mental well-being and comfort, were coated with the MMA resin floor topping Flowfast Quartz Structure.

This system combines decorative colour stable quartz granules in a clear resin binder to create a durable floor with an attractive, textured finish.

Approximately 3450m² of an urban grey colour was chosen to match the tones of the new Asset and Resource Centre. Working in partnership with ATS, Flowcrete’s high-performance, fit-for-purpose flooring was chosen to enhance the facility and support its operational goals.

In addition, 360m² of Flowcrete’s Flowfast Terrosso Flake was applied, along with a significant amount of coving, to provide an attractive, easy-to-maintain finish that would withstand the daily footfall of the centre.

Flowfast Terrosso has been specifically designed for high-traffic commercial environments that need a functional floor that is also eye-catching – an essential factor for the new centre as it had to accommodate both equipment and personnel.

A significant advantage of this solution is its fast cure rate, which allows for rapid installations, making it ideal for developments wanting to minimise the downtime caused by the floor’s application.

Regarding landing areas, 80m² of Isocrete K-Screed was applied.

It delivers a screed that can be trafficked or overlaid quickly, which is hard-wearing. It has high abrasion qualities, offering excellent impact resistance - qualities key to the new resource centre.

A Perfect Partnership

The partnership approach employed for this new build project resulted in the completion of the Asset and Resource Centre for the SFRS.

Thanks to the team’s hard work and dedication, the centre offers dedicated office spaces for administrative staff, fostering seamless coordination and communication within the organisation.

Well-equipped offices serve as workstations for personnel engaged in diverse administrative responsibilities, including fleet management, logistics, and other essential support functions, while storage facilities within the centre accommodate the safekeeping of essential equipment and supplies necessary for emergency operations.

The flooring system’s abrasion resistance means that the finish can stand the test of time, even with daily footfall, scuffs and scrapes inherent in frequently trafficked areas.

A Lasting Impression

William Paterson, Flowcrete’s area sales manager, says:

“With years of knowledge and experience among our flooring experts, Flowcrete offers support to customers throughout each stage of the construction project putting us in pole position to fulfil the requirements of SFRS in Cambuslang, working in partnership with ATS.”

“We were thrilled to work with ATS to apply Flowcrete’s flooring systems for this project. ATS' professional and efficient floor installation ensures that SFRS will have reliable, safe, and attractive flooring for many years.”

“Our versatile flooring product collection means that we’ve always got the right solution for any floor regardless of scale, scope, size, or sector. Our technical guidance and recommendations during the planning and design stage and on-site support during the construction phase help ensure we reach the desired result repeatedly.”

And from David Crosby, Director at ATS:

"Our role in constructing the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service Asset and Resource Centre was to ensure the installed flooring met aesthetic requirements and delivered on functional aspects, such as robustness, slip-resistance, and quick cure times. Our collaboration with Flowcrete, McLaughlin & Harvey, and the SFRS team played a critical role in achieving this."

"The Flowfast Quartz and Terrosso Flake perfectly fit this project, providing an attractive finish alongside the durability necessary for the centre's daily operations."

"The success of this project highlights the importance of team collaboration and the effective selection and application of high-quality materials. As a result, the new SFRS Asset and Resource Centre now boasts an attractive, robust, and functional floor solution that will support the invaluable work the fire & rescue service undertakes daily.

“We're proud to have contributed to bringing this project to fruition."

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