Car Park Deck Waterproofing Systems

Deckshield car park deck protection systems have been designed to meet all the requirements for new build and refurbishment of car park structures. From helping improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tyre squeal up to providing deck waterproofing, our systems will meet all your car park requirements.  

With a highly accredited fire rating and availability in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes, you also have the option to create bright demarcation lines and signage, which help regulate traffic movement and give a welcoming impression to visitors.

There is no doubt about how convenient car parks are for drivers especially with the continuous increase in car ownership. This means, it is important that these spaces are safe, secure, sustainable, durable, and visually appealing for drivers.

Flowcrete’s Deckshield range offers the total car park deck waterproofing and coating solution. Find out more below.


Flowcrete UK is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions that have been sustainably sourced, manufactured and distributed. This includes incorporating recycled material into the floors, as well as limiting or completely removing toxic substances such as volatile organic compounds and phthalates.

The long life cycle of Flowcrete UK’s floors also avoids the environmental and financial costs incurred by frequent repairs or a refurbishment.


Slip resistant decking is a health and safety must-have for most industrial and commercial car park spaces, as otherwise it’s only a matter of time until a member of staff or customer suffers a painful and costly accident. Flowcrete UK’s Deckshield car park range has an anti-slip profile that minimises the risk of falls by enhancing traction underfoot.

The diversity of slip resistant flooring solutions on offer means that there is a solution for any environment, whether it’s a shopping centre’s food hall, prone to dropped snacks and fizzy drinks or a multi-storey car park that needs to account for oils, greases and fuel.

Flowcrete UK knows all too well that slip resistance often has to be balanced with cleanability and its flooring experts are able to provide advice and information to most effectively combine these dual requirements.

UV/Weather Resistant

Long term exposure to the elements can wear away mountains and erode rock – so imagine what it could do to an unprotected floor finish! Wind, rain and ice can all eat into a floor finish while UV rays are notorious for discolouring previously bright and vibrant surfaces.

Areas commonly exposed to the worst of the weather include the top decks of car parking facilities, balconies and hard landscaped areas. Specialist resin systems are available tailored to the demands of such areas to ensure that adverse weather conditions won’t affect its seamless, attractive and functional surface.

UV rays from the sun don’t just affect outdoor areas, as anywhere where the sunlight streams through a window could potentially see the colours drain out of the floor over time. Technological innovations mean that UV resistance can be built into the floor finish to delay this process and to keep the floor’s crisp colour looking for longer than was previously possible.

Solutions for New Build

Whether you are looking to build a new multi-storey car park or underground car park, with Deckshield, we have combined multiple waterproofing and wearing surface systems to deliver the perfect solution for any car park, anywhere.

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Solutions for Refurbishment

Rather than replacing your original asphalt deck risking exposing your building to water ingress, why not think about refurbishment to save time and labour?

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Solutions for Basement Decks

Basement decks are likely to experience moisture in concrete which can be intensified by the absence of an effective damp proof membrane. Application of surface coatings in a confined environment such as a basement brings means careful consideration must be given to dealing with odours and fumes. 

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