Seamless Resin Terrazzo

Explore our FAQs around Flowcrete's market-leading seamless resin terrazzo flooring range. 

What are the hygiene benefits of seamless resin terrazzo?

Seamless resin terrazzo is non-porous and gap-free, meaning that moisture is unable to penetrate the surface. This eliminates microbial growth and creates a finish that is quick and easy to clean.

How does seamless resin terrazzo impact the environment?

Typically, 17% of a seamless terrazzo floor is made up of processed epoxy resin binders whilst the remainder includes naturally occurring or recycled aggregates. Recycled aluminium strips can be used to complete any design work.

The low maintenance aspect of the terrazzo material can also lead to significant energy savings over time.

What is seamless resin terrazzo?

The origins of seamless terrazzo date back centuries to when discarded chips from marble slab processing were set and submerged in clay to create smooth and decorative surfaces.

Now, terrazzo is available in an unlimited resin colour palette with the scope to include a range of decorative aggregate material including mother-of-pearl, marble, granite, flint, recycled glass and mirror glass amongst others.