Keep up to date on the latest industry information and regulation with one of our RIBA Approved CPD sessions.

Flooring CPDs at Your Fingertips

We are proud to be part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offer many RIBA approved CPD seminars, which are now presented in live virtual format.

At Flowcrete UK, we have been dedicated to flooring excellence since 1982. Our CPD courses are delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable flooring experts who will share with you valuable insight into avoiding mistakes and specifying floor finishes, antimicrobial flooring, floor screeds, underfloor heating, car park decking and more. To book one of our CPD virtual seminars, simply click here

Specifying Seamless Resin Terrazzo

This newly revised seminar gives you a background to the traditional history of terrazzo and outlines the different systems available to help attendees:

  • Understand the different materials available and their application processes
  • Understand the benefits of using seamless terrazzo over traditional tiles
  • Identify the benefits and lifecycle implications of different materials
  • Identify appropriate cleaning methods to ensure a prolonged floor life span

Floor Screeds - How to Avoid Failure

This seminar covers the different types of floor screeds and their applications, areas of floor failure, advice on how to avoid floor problems and on how to choose the correct floor specification, helping you to:

  • Identify the correct specification of floor screeds
  • Identify the types of floor screeds and application areas
  • Understand how to avoid failure

The Importance of Protecting Car Park Structures

This CPD seminar covers some of the common methods of waterproofing car park structures such as polyurethane, asphalt and polymethyl methacrylate along with their benefits and pitfalls.

  • Understand the history of car parks
  • Understand car park structures today
  • Understand car park waterproofing systems
  • Understand key considerations when specifying car park waterproofing
  • Understand correct cleaning and maintenance

How to Avoid Resin Floor Failure in Industrial Environments

This seminar looks at how to avoid resin floor failure in industrial environments and provides a guide to successful installation of resin flooring. It covers the different Resin Flooring Types by FeRFA type and goes further into the key considerations when specifying resin flooring from understanding client requirements to the preparation based on substrate. The seminar offers a specification framework to ensure all the bases of functional design for the floors are covered.

  • Resin flooring types
  • Key considerations when specifying resin flooring
  • Environmental considerations
  • Cleaning and maintenance