Heathrow Warehouse

Ryan Gerrard / 23 May 2023

Smooth Landing for Flowcrete Floors at Heathrow Warehouse

Project Details

  • Client: Transportation and logistics company
  • Products: Industrial Resins
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Heathrow, London
  • Year: 2015
Before a global transportation and logistics company could begin operating from a recently let warehouse at Heathrow Airport (situated 2.9 miles from Heathrow's cargo terminal), a flooring refurbishment was required to ensure that the site could support large-scale pharmaceutical storage and distribution activity.

Over 11,000m2 of specialist resin flooring solutions was used to optimise the floor, with different parts of the facility requiring tailored solutions to meet particular challenges.

Prior to applying the finish in the main area of the facility, the substrate had to be carefully prepared. Approximately 10,000m2 was shot blasted and protruding steel fibres were ground down. Two coats of the epoxy-based primer Peran STC was used to prepare the substrate for a final 2mm coating of the hygienic, self-smoothing epoxy resin system Flowshield SL. The chemical resistant epoxy Flowcoat SF41 was used to create a forklift path as well as pedestrian logos, numbers and multiple line markings.

Achieving a smooth finish was essential to ensure that the forklift trucks could move quickly and efficiently around the site. The finish also needed to be durable enough to withstand this continuous movement for the long term.

A combination of specialist flooring systems was used across the rest of the site. For example, 4m2 of the decorative, fast curing Flowfast Kristalina was applied in the reception area while 180m2 of Flowcoat SF41, with an anti slip profile, was installed in front of low-level cargo doors and the chiller. Within the chiller, 354m2 of a two coat Flowcrete Hydraseal damp proof membrane was applied followed by Flowcrete HF coving and a Flowcoat SF41 coating.