Industrial Resin Floors

Flowcrete UK offers a wide-range of industrial resin flooring solutions to suit the huge variety of service conditions required by the demanding industrial sector.

Our flooring systems range from ultra-light weight epoxy floor and wall seal coatings through to super heavy-duty polyurethane flooring systems for the most arduous industrial environments.

Hard Wearing Flooring

Robust resin floors can be specified that are able to withstand even the most intense and challenging industrial environments. This means maintaining a seamless, high performance finish in the face of everything from heavy impacts, frequent cleaning, thermal shock and large pieces of equipment to the movement of commercial airliners and 60 tonne dump trucks.

We’ve combined our knowledge of highly durable flooring for the industrial sector with eye-catching aesthetics to create decorative solutions for commercial venues that can maintain a colourful, vibrant surface despite the wear and tear within busy locations such as shopping centres, airports, high-rise developments and offices.

Chemical Resistance

Flowcrete UK’s chemical resistant coatings can maintain a seamless, high quality finish for an extended period of time despite contact with even the most caustic of solvents, acids and alkalis. Specific sectors can even specify floors tailored to meet the common chemicals used in that industry, for example aircraft hangars can install a surface that won’t be damaged by aviation hydraulic fluid.

Unprotected concrete floors can quickly deteriorate after exposure to corrosive chemicals – and it’s not just the extreme chemicals used in heavy industry that can damage coatings, as even food and drink spillages in commercial facilities can spoil a floor finish.

Making sure that the floor beneath your feet is able to withstand the on-site chemicals is especially vital in sensitive food production, manufacturing, healthcare and kitchen environments. As otherwise the floor could become an unsightly and unhygienic blemish prone to bacterial contamination.


Slip resistant flooring is a health and safety must-have for most industrial and commercial facilities, as otherwise it’s only a matter of time until a member of staff or customer suffers a painful and costly accident. Flowcrete UK’s flooring is available in a range of textures and can be graded with aggregates to create an anti-slip profile that minimises the risk of falls by enhancing traction underfoot.

The diversity of slip resistant floors on offer means that there is a solution for any environment, whether it’s a shopping centre’s food hall, prone to dropped snacks and fizzy drinks or a heavy manufacturing plant that needs to account for oils, greases and fuel.

Flowcrete UK knows all too well that slip resistance often has to be balanced with cleanability and its flooring experts are able to provide advice and information to most effectively combine these dual requirements.