Alexander House, Scotland

Rejoice Chikosi / 19 July 2023

Project Details:

Client: Alexander House

Products: Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed Additive

Market Sector:Hospitality

Contractor & Installer: Advanced Traditional Screeding (ATS)

Location: Auchterarder, Scotland

Year: 2023

Nestled within the Scottish hillside of Perthshire, with breath-taking views overlooking Gleneagles, is an exclusive wedding venue Alexander House. Its location, 2.5 miles from the lovely village of Auchterarder is ideal for couples who want an intimate but picturesque backdrop to their wedding. Following traditional designs while embracing the nature that surrounds it, the new build wedding venue combines all the comforts of modern living with a feel of the elegance of a bygone era.

A Perfect Match

The owners of Alexander House wanted to create a space for couples to tie the knot that combines intimacy, luxury in a picturesque setting. While this was the end goal, the build program required several elements to come together to achieve this.

One of the key requirements was a screed that could be incorporated with underfloor heating. The Client enlisted Flowcrete’s expertise for the build program as well as the commissioning of the underfloor heating, and Flowcrete’s new screed liquid additive Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed was recommended for this project. Working in partnership with Advanced Traditional Screeding (ATS), the goal was to achieve a flooring system that could be matched perfectly with the Client’s requirements.

Creating a Lasting Impression

Flowcrete’s Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed is a liquid additive suitable for most commercial applications.  It is used in conjunction with approved sand and cement for semi dry cementitious screeds. Due to the reduced water content within the mix, it delivers a screed that can be trafficked or overlaid quickly. After the subfloor was prepared and the underfloor heating installed, Ultimate K-Screed could then be pumped and subsequently dosed. Flowcrete’s Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed liquid additive can be incorporated in underfloor heating with a thickness as low as 50mm. It has a compressive strength meaning it can withstand load and traffic. The reduced water content requirement gives the benefit of early drying and rapid strength gain enabling less down time than traditional methods as well as assisting with the work schedule.

Rising to the Challenge

No one project is the same and careful consideration must be given to each project to ensure a successful and safe build.

The location of the project proved to be the first hurdle. Located on a side of the hill, weather conditions posed to be challenge for the hillside construction. Light rain and wind caused disruption while installing the new subfloor particularly because the building was not fully enclosed with large openings covered by visqueen. In addition to this, at this stage of the build, only a temporal structure was in place for the roof which was not fully waterproof. The site conditions did not make installation easy for ATS however the contractors rose to the challenge to ensure a complete and quality installation.

A Success Story

William Paterson, Flowcrete’s area sales manager says “With years of knowledge and experience between our flooring experts, Flowcrete offers support to customers throughout each stage of the construction project putting us in pole position to fulfil the requirements of Alexander House in Auchterarder Scotland. Our technical guidance and recommendations during the planning and design stage and on-site support during the construction phase, helps ensure we reach the desired result time and time again.

“We were thrilled to work with ATS on this new-build wedding venue applying our new liquid additive Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed additive. Flowcrete’s experience and versatile flooring product collection means that we’ve always got the right solution for any floor regardless of scale, scope, size, or sector.

“We are very excited to launch Isocrete Ultimate K-Screed to the UK market and proud of our technical and R&D teams who follow rigorous testing and research to support our product innovations. At Flowcrete, we remain committed to upholding the highest standards for our flooring products, which is why we strive for continuous improvement and excellence.

Flowcrete are dedicated to using our extensive flooring expertise to advise architects and specifiers on the best possible floor area. For more information about our new liquid additive Ultimate K-Screed, or any other Flowcrete products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.