St Fagans National Museum of History

Ryan Gerrard / 23 May 2023

St Fagans Refurbishment Gives History A Modern Look

Project Details

The most popular heritage attraction in Wales, St Fagans National Museum of History, has utilised seamless resin terrazzo flooring from Flowcrete UK to inject new life and vibrancy into its main building.

St Fagans undertook the flooring refurbishment as part of a £30 million upgrade. The significance of the project can be seen in the fact that it was given the largest grant ever by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) in Wales, £11.5 million. 

The deluxe terrazzo solution Mondéco Mirrazzo was ideal, as it is able to maintain its decorative aesthetics despite the heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning as well as the scuffs, scrapes and spills of a busy visitor attraction.

542m2 of Mondéco Mirrazzo in a sleek, contemporary grey was installed in the building’s entrance and public facing areas, which included 125 m2 across a suspended walkway. The light reflective aggregates within Mondéco Mirrazzo are ideal for creating a pleasant, luxurious vibe and the seamless, impervious nature of this finish means that it can be quickly and easily cleaned to keep the floor looking its best.

Prior to the application of the finish, the existing substrate had to be prepped. A specialist floor grinding machine was used that removed up to 95% of the dust thrown up in the process. This is not just a significant health advantage but it also stopped any other areas of the museum from being affected by dust. The substrate was then primed with Flowprime that was reinforced with fibre glass matting before a primary layer of Flowtex F1 Mortar was applied. 

The entire flooring application was completed in only 16 weeks and it has since won the Large Commercial Project of the Year Award at the FeRFA 2017 Awards ceremony.