Abbey Sands Car Park Gets a Flowcrete Makeover

Rejoice Mudehwe / 19 April 2024

Location: Abbey Sands, Torquay
Installer: Cemplas
Products: Flowcrete’s Deckshield Rapide EDF
Market Sector: Residential & Commercial
Contractor: Tier 1 Contractor
Year: 2023

The Project

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of South Devon, Torquay boasts golden sands that frame the stunning natural beauty of the English Riviera. Enclosed in the greenery and rugged cliffs lies Abbey Sands which overlooks the beach and offers a serene retreat for residents & visitors from across the UK and beyond.

Abbey Sands car park required refurbishment, positioning Flowcrete at the forefront to meet this need with a comprehensive waterproofing system. Given the prime location of this property, ensuring a secure and functional car park was paramount for both residents and visitors.

The Challenge

For this project, Flowcrete partnered with Cemplas, a specialist contractor with knowledge and expertise of Flowcrete products. Despite the stormy weather, Cemplas powered through, beginning with the removal of the existing coatings. Over the course of several weeks, the car park started to take shape.

The Flowcrete Solution

Flowcrete’s Deckshield Rapide EDF system was recommended as the best solution for the car park. Not only is it fully fleeced reinforced, but also rapid cure, allowing Cemplas to work with limited interruption even through periods of rain.

Other benefits of the Deckshield Rapide EDF system include:

  • Superior Crack Bridging – meaning the system safeguards against the movement and cracking of parking structures.
  • Can be installed in high-risk areas – this was particular important for Abbey Sands as this multi-level car park is built into a cliff.
  • Fully reinforced – this is an important feature of this system as the fleece reinforcement further enhances deck performance providing the highest possible protection.

The Result

Peter Bitten, business development manager, Flowcrete says: "Drawing upon our partners’ extensive expertise in car park waterproofing, we deliver comprehensive support to customers at every step of the construction process. This positions us as the optimal manufacturer to address the needs of the Abbey Sands car park project in partnership with Cemplas.

“We are delighted with the outcome of the refurbishment work at Abbey Sands, and we are sure that the works Cemplas have completed will guarantee a reliable, safe and aesthetically pleasing car park for residents for many years to come.”

Abbey Sands car park showcases our capability to deliver our trusted waterproofing systems - best suited to the unique requirements of each project. Through harnessing our expertise and engaging in close collaboration with partners, Flowcrete played a pivotal role in the successful execution of a crucial refurbishment aimed at enhancing Torquay and meeting the needs of the residents and the local community.