Flowcoat SK Provides Chemically Resistant Coating at RAF Waddington

Ryan Gerrard / 11 July 2023

When it comes to specifying resin flooring solutions for the aerospace sector, a key concern is the effect that harsh chemicals can have on the floor finish. These include Skydrol aviation fluid, which is known to corrode insufficiently robust finishes. For more than 40 years, Flowcrete has been at the forefront of developing chemically resistant flooring solutions, designed to withstand even the most abrasive substances. Therefore, when Central Flooring Services Ltd required a high-performance coating for a warehouse installation at RAF Waddington, naturally Flowcrete was in pole position to advise on the right solution for the project’s requirements.

The Project

Home to the Royal Air Force’s Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) aircraft, RAF Waddington is one of the Air Force’s busiest Stations and is the main operating base for airborne intelligence aircraft and systems. With 3,500 Service personnel, civil servants, and contractors providing several key services for front-line commanders, the facilities at RAF Waddington constantly need to be in full working order to support the Station’s extensive range of activities.

Flowcrete was called upon to provide a robust resin flooring system for the refurbishment of a dye pod located within one of the Station’s warehouses. Due to the presence of Skydrol, which is a fire-resistant hydraulic substance, the solution needed to be able to withstand the unique chemical makeup of this hazardous fluid.

The Solution

Flowcrete has a rich history in developing resin floor solutions that meet the complex demands of different industry environments. Now a brand of Tremco CPG UK, Flowcrete has been a pioneer for over 40 years in the manufacturing of resin coatings that withstand the various corrosive agents different industries are exposed to daily. Failing to install an effective floor system can lead to a multitude or problems. This is especially true in the aviation sector, as high-tech equipment needs to be maintained in a clean and efficient space, without presenting risk of breakages, failures, and safety issues to the surrounding area.

Supported by a team of resin floor industry professionals, Flowcrete’s team of experts work closely with clients to find the right flooring solution for their installation environment, often tailoring products to meet unique challenges and needs. Available to Flowcrete customers is a full design and specification service to ensure the optimum outcome for your resin flooring projects. Offering technical and specification support across the range of products, the team work with architects, contractors, and installers to provide the best possible and cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality or safety.

The Application

Working closely with Central Flooring Services Ltd and Henry Brothers, Flowcoat SK was selected due to its excellent chemical resistant properties. This high-performance epoxy resin coating is not only resistant to Skydrol and other harsh chemicals, but also offers a non-slip finish by the inclusion of aggregates between coats. Flowcoat SK requires very little maintenance, meaning end-of-life surfaces can be over-coated with minimal surface preparation. Additionally, the resin coating has the ability to enhance the appearance of working environments, creating an attractive floor finish.

Prior to the installation of Flowcoat SK, the floor area received a mechanical diamond grind and multiple floor repairs to ensure the best possible outcome for the resin floor coating. The system build-up comprised of a number of Flowcrete’s market-leading products, including 10mm of Flowscreed Industruial Top, which is a fast-drying, cement-based, pump applied floor topping for fast-track renovation of concrete floors. 115lm of 225mm Flowtex F1 Mortar formed the perimeter coving prior to the application of two coats of Hydraseal DPM, to ensure easy cleaning and enhance the overall finish of the system. Hydraseal DPM is an epoxy resin that is designed to withstand moisture vapour from substrates, allowing immediate installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes onto substrates with a moisture content of up to 100% Relative Humidity (RH).

The project’s slip-resistance qualities were achieved with the inclusion of Flowcoat SF41, including 0.3-0.7mm of aggregate. This epoxy floor coating is a time-proven, cost-effective, and high-performance system that boasts low maintenance and protection against a range of chemicals, from acids, alkalis, and solvents to alcohols as well as fuels.

Gareth Purchase, Flowcrete Area Sales Manager for the South West, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with our network of highly valued approved contractors on this project at RAF Waddington, which was completed in March 2023. Here at Flowcrete, we take pride in our dedication to research and development, continuously striving to provide the level best in performance resin flooring. Through carefully analysing the varying flooring demands in different market sectors, we take the time to learn our clients’ requirements and work towards finding the right solution for any situation.

“The capabilities of Flowcrete’s Flowcoat SK has enabled Central Flooring Services Ltd and Henry Brothers to install a high-performance resin floor finish that is resistant to harmful chemicals, such as Skydrol. Our versatile range of industrial flooring solutions enable aerospace facility operators to maintain a safe environment with a floor that is fit for purpose, drastically reducing the risk of health and safety issues.”

For further information about Flowcrete’s resin floor solutions or our wider Tremco CPG UK family of brands, please get in touch today.