The aerospace sector covers all aspects of sub-orbital and space flight, dealing with state-of-the art aviation and aeronautical vehicles that must be protected at all costs.

For the majority of the time these vehicles are parked within hangars which, despite looking from the outside like a giant, uncomplicated box, house an intricate beehive of complex activity that involves heavy equipment, expensive assets, fire risks and corrosive agents intermingled within a web of metal walkways, complex structures, tanks and different working spaces.

A key aerospace flooring concern is the effect of chemicals such as Skydrol aviation fluid, which can corrode insufficiently robust finishes. Flowcrete UK has developed Flowcoat SK, a flooring system tailored specifically to withstand Skydrol, protecting against potentially irreparable damage for an extended period of time while simultaneously providing a colourful, anti-slip surface. 

Alongside hangars, the aerospace sector encompasses a wide range of different facilities, including assembly zones, paint shops, maintenance buildings, offices and warehouses – all of which require floors tailored to the specific operating conditions of that area. Flowcrete UK’s wide range of industrial floors means that aerospace facility operators can choose the system that maintains a high-performance finish alongside the necessary cure speedthermal shock resistancechemical resistance and strength for that environment. 

Failing to install fit-for-purpose floors can lead to a variety of problems, as high-tech aviation and aeronautical vehicles need to be maintained in a clean, efficient space, otherwise the site operator risks creating an ineffective environment prone to breakages, failures and safety issues.