Flowcrete Products Applied at Sports & Fashion Retail Renovation

Rejoice Chikosi / 14 August 2023

Sports and fashion brands retailer expanded its footprint in Skegness with a move to a larger, more visible unit in popular shopping centre. The store's expansion enables sports and fashion lovers to enjoy a greater selection of lifestyle brands as new ranges have been introduced in fashion, footwear, and accessories. The newly opened store has created job opportunities for the Skegness community, and it's anticipated that additional seasonal positions will open.

The Project

Flowcrete was approached to provide a flooring specification for a refurbishment project that involved combining two units to create a larger shop spanning 400m2. After assessing the site, Flowcrete crafted a bespoke specification and paired the main contractor with a skilled installer capable of completing the project to the highest standard. Our comprehensive approach included providing moisture testing support and a product warranty, which were all delivered in just four weeks from the start of the process to handover. The installation was completed quickly preventing any expensive overruns during the handover process.

The Application: Performance Underfoot

Flowcrete's Hydraseal DPM and Isocrete SL Renovation proved to be highly effective solutions during the refurbishment project for retailer’s expanding premises. Hydraseal provided a surface damp proof membrane that prevented moisture from penetrating the floor surface, while Isocrete SL Renovation offered a high-performance, fibre reinforced underlayment for fast-track renovation of existing floors prior to application of floor coverings, which was essential for a busy retail environment.

The quick-drying nature of Isocrete SL Renovation meant that it could be laid and finished in a relatively short amount of time, thus saving valuable time during the refurbishment project. Together, these two products delivered a robust, long-lasting flooring system that met the retailer’s specific requirements and helped to ensure a successful refurbishment project.

The Results

Mark Rennocks, Flowcrete’s site operations manager says “Although the project was a relatively standard refurbishment project, benefits of pairing installers with the best match to a project worked well in this case. Consistently achieving the desired outcome is made possible by our provision of technical guidance and recommendations during the planning and design phase, as well as our on-site support throughout the construction stage.

“With years of knowledge and experience between our flooring experts, Flowcrete offers support to customers throughout each stage of the construction project putting us in pole position to fulfil the requirements of the retail renovation.

“We were excited to work with our approved installers on this refurbishment project supplying our quality flooring solutions and thrilled to have played a part in the success of this project. With Flowcrete's extensive experience and diverse range of flooring products, we are equipped to offer the ideal solution for any floor, regardless of its size, scale, sector, or complexity.

“Flowcrete is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for our flooring products, which is why we are committed to pursuing excellence and continuous improvement.

Flowcrete are dedicated to using our extensive flooring expertise to advise architects and specifiers on the best possible floor area. For more information about our products or any other Flowcrete solutions, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us.