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BMI Regional Installs Specialist Aviation Industry Floor Finish

Flowcrete UK supplied a floor finish specifically tailored to the unique operational demands of the aviation industry for BMI Regional.

The commercial airline’s hangar at Aberdeen International Airport was in need of a new floor coating, as the old surface was showing signs of age and wear. The epoxy coating Flowcoat SK was chosen to create a seamless floor that would be able to maintain an unblemished, impervious and easy to clean finish despite the movement of planes, exposure to Skydrol hydraulic fluid and heavy onsite equipment. 

Prior to applying the Flowcoat SK, the floor area was shot blasted to remove the existing epoxy coating and any contaminants. This process also ensured a high degree of bond between the substrate and the new finish.

During the floor refurbishment other work was going on around the hangar, including new doors being fitted, which meant that the Flowcoat SK had to be applied in several sections. Despite this inconvenience a high quality floor was completed in just 3 weeks.

Approximately 2,300m2 of Flowcoat SK was supplied to recoat the entire hangar. The main part of the facility was covered in a sleek, Goosewing Grey colour while a bright Traffic Blue was used for the walkways. Important demarcation in a warning yellow was also incorporated into the floor plan to mark out the tool and equipment bays. 

The slip resistance of the floor near the hangar’s entrance was enhanced to make the site safer during periods of wet weather, when rain can get blown into the building. Further inside, the resin floor was smoother so that it was very easy to clean.

Project Details

  • Client: BMI Regional
  • Products: Industrial Resins
  • Market Sector: Aerospace
  • Location: Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  • Year: 2015

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