• Refurbishment
  • Refurbishment

Flooring refurbishment projects require solutions that are going to revitalise the floor finish but which won’t incur long periods of problematic and unprofitable down time.

Flowcrete’s fast curing screeds and methyl methacrylate enhanced Flowfast range are ideal for creating high performance surfaces within a fraction of the time of alternative hard-floor systems – in fact a Flowfast floor can be trafficable in as little as two hours after application!

The chosen refurbishment solution needs to suit the demands of the environment, its future use as well as the project’s financial and time constraints. Flowcrete UK’s wide range of flooring options means that there’s always a flooring system available to meet both the site’s budget and operational requirements.

Existing substrates that need to be renovated prior to the application of a new floor covering can be brought back up to standard with a layer of Isocrete Self Level Renovation. This cementitious, fibre reinforced and pumped self-levelling underlayment can even be laid over existing finishes to prepare the floor for a new covering. 

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