Hygienic Epoxy Wall & Ceiling Coatings

The following systems are available in Flowcrete UK's range of Hygienic epoxy wall & ceiling coatings…

Non-porous, water-based and smooth coatings for use on walls and ceilings are integral, particularly within the food and beverage, medical care and pharmaceutical industries, to ensuring a hygienic surface that integrates with both floor and coving mortars, to seal all interior surfaces within the facility.

The use of these wall and ceiling coatings eliminate the cracks, crevices and pores that commonly harbour dirt and encourage the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds - all of which can lead to an unsafe working environment as well as contamination of the produce within. 

Peran WW wall and ceiling coating resists flaking, chipping and cracking, is low odour, easily cleaned ideal for surfaces exposed to chemical and mechanical stress.

Low Odour

Facilities managers and site operators may have been put off high performance polymer floors in the past due to the odour generated during the chemical curing process.

While proper airflow management should normally minimise this concern, modern flooring technology means that low odour floors and coatings can be installed that won’t risk assaulting those on-site with an unpleasant aroma in the first place.

Specifiers and decision makers don’t have to sacrifice performance or functionality for a fragrance free floor, as Flowcrete UK has developed a variety of low odour floors in a range of formulations, thicknesses and colours.