Decorative Epoxy Finishes

The following systems are available in Flowcrete UK's range of Decorative Epoxy Finishes...

Epoxy and Liquid Flooring

Flowcrete UK offers a variety of joint-free commercial floor coatings and toppings to create a colourful, vibrant and decorative surface that will create a talking point in a wide-range of commercial venues and environments...

Our commercial flooring range includes super-smooth resin floor toppings, speckled quartz floor finishes and sparkling flake flooring systems, all of which have been designed for the commercial sector.


Choosing a high performance floor doesn’t mean sacrificing aesthetics for functionality. Flowcrete’s decorative flooring systems combine contemporary style with world-class quality to provide seamless surfaces that can maintain a visual impact despite intense working conditions.

Developers can also choose from a range of epoxy and methyl methacrylate enhanced floors in a variety of vibrant colours and decorative effects to ensure that the floor area meets all the site’s requirements.