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A decorative, resin bound stone carpet system containing colourful pieces of marble aggregates.

Rustik Glamourstone is ideal for use in car showrooms, retail stores, conservatories, atriums, reception halls and conference zones.

The system can be laid in bespoke patterns and styles and application is limited only by your imagination.

No resin system is totally colour fast and may
change colour over time (exhibits a yellowing
effect). Colour change depends on the UV
light and heat levels present and hence the
rate of change cannot be predicted. This is
more noticeable in very light colours but does
not compromise the product’s physical or
chemical resistance characteristics. We have
endeavoured to adopt colours within our
standard range which minimise this change.
Intensively coloured products (e.g. hair
colourants, medical disinfectants etc.) and
plasticizer migration (e.g. from rubber tyres)
can lead to irreversible discolouration in the
surface. Please contact our Technical Services
Department for further advice.

Flowcrete products are guaranteed against
defective materials and manufacture and
are sold subject to our standard ‘Warranty,
Terms and Conditions of Sale’, copies of
which can be obtained on request. Warranty
does not cover suitability, fit for purpose
or any consequential or related damages.
Please review warranty in detail before
installing the products.

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  • Attractive: Resin bound stone carpet system designed to bring the beauty of a natural marble finish.
  • Chemical Resistant: High resistance to tea, coffee, cola, fruit juice, soaps and bleach.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Excellent scratch & wear resistance to foot, rubber-wheeled cart & tyre traffic.
  • Abrasion Resistant: Excellent scratch & wear resistance to foot, rubber-wheeled cart & tyre traffic.
Rustik Glamourstone System Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS