Fast Cure MMA Resins

The following systems are available in Flowcrete UK's range of Flowfast MMA fast cure flooring…

The Flowfast MMA acrylic floor coating range has been designed by Flowcrete UK to offer clients a decorative and durable floor finish that is fully serviceable under a quick turnaround...

Using a methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst, the Flowfast material is able to speed up the floor's rate of cure, making it an excellent choice for refurbishment projects, shop fit-outs or even fast-paced new build developments.

MMA flooring has a unique chemical structure that allows for newly laid resin flooring systems to be fully serviceable in times as preferable as two hours.

Fast Cure/Drying

The long downtime periods and snail’s pace construction schedules caused by waiting for a floor to fully cure can be consigned to the past thanks to the Flowfast range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced floors. This technology means that floors can be fully operational just 60 minutes after application, delivering unrivalled installation and cure times.

A fast flooring project doesn’t automatically equate to a boring, poor performing finish - in fact Flowfast is available in a creative mix of colors and stylish effects, with the capability to create custom patterns and shades for a totally personalised finish.

The robust nature of Flowfast provides excellent chemical, wear and slip resistance, while its seamless, impervious characteristics make it a hygienic and easy to clean material. These features are well suited to a long list of industrial environments, such as the food processing, mechanical, chemical and electronic goods industries.


Slip resistant flooring is a health and safety must-have for most industrial and commercial facilities, as otherwise it’s only a matter of time until a member of staff or customer suffers a painful and costly accident. Flowcrete UK’s flooring is available in a range of textures and can be graded with aggregates to create an anti-slip profile that minimises the risk of falls by enhancing traction underfoot.

The diversity of slip resistant floors on offer means that there is a solution for any environment, whether it’s a shopping centre’s food hall, prone to dropped snacks and fizzy drinks or a heavy manufacturing plant that needs to account for oils, greases and fuel.

Flowcrete UK knows all too well that slip resistance often has to be balanced with cleanability and its flooring experts are able to provide advice and information to most effectively combine these dual requirements.

Low Temperature Installation

The practicalities of many types of buildings or of some construction projects will mean that the floor is going to have to be installed at temperatures either approaching or below freezing point. This is often the case in large warehouses, cold storage rooms or locations exposed to the elements, where it is either not desirable of even possible to raise the temperature of the site.

This scenario would make many resin flooring systems unsuitable for the task at hand, as usually they need to be installed at no less than 5°C to properly cure. However where the temperature is low but the need for a seamless, colourful and durable resin finish is high, then specialist methyl methacrylate (MMA) solutions tailored to the location’s temperature can be utilised to create the desired finish. A catalyst is incorporated within these floors that allows them to achieve a full cure despite the inclement conditions.


Flooring refurbishment projects require solutions that are going to revitalise the floor finish but which won’t incur long periods of problematic and unprofitable down time.

Flowcrete’s fast curing screeds and methyl methacrylate enhanced Flowfast range are ideal for creating high performance surfaces within a fraction of the time of alternative hard-floor systems – in fact a Flowfast floor can be trafficable in as little as two hours after application!