Leisure & Hotels

Ryan Gerrard / 19 April 2023

The floor area is a great interior design asset to leisure and hotel facilities, as it’s a vast area that can make a bold statement with bright colours, on-brand imagery, logos and captivating patterns.

Resin flooring materials are an exceptionally versatile and creative solution for anywhere from a hotel, spa or restaurant to a nightclub, museum or theme park, as they can be applied in bespoke designs, have a virtually unlimited colour palette and sparkling, decorative aggregates can be incorporated into the finish.

Flooring in these venues needs to maintain an impressive aesthetic despite traffic from large bodies of people, food and drink spillages, frequent cleaning, breaking china and even potential damage from stiletto heels. 

Each area of a leisure facility will also face different flooring challenges, and Flowcrete UK has developed solutions to tackle each problem – from seamless resin terrazzo for public facing areas, robust surfaces for back of house rooms, resin bonded gravel for exterior walkways and specialist deck coatings for the car park.

Venues that want to fast-track the flooring project to minimize downtime or to speed up a construction schedule can utilise the Flowfast range of methyl methacrylate enhanced coatings. These systems are able to fully cure in as little as two hours – significantly faster than the days or weeks of alternative floors!

As resin solutions are both highly durable and easy to clean, leisure venues can rest assured that the floor area will retain an attractive and unblemished appearance for the long term.

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