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An elegant epoxy resin terrazzo floor finish that uses a mix of white binder and a blend of light-coloured aggregates. Installed at 6 – 7 mm nominal thickness, it’s also an affordable type of terrazzo system. Mondeco Arctic is one of our most specified terrazzo floors, offering a neutral yet bright finish, as well as a low maintenance long lifecycle. It creates a contemporary feel underfoot, ideal for areas where aesthetics and durability are of prime concern. The new UV stability formulation we have recently improved, guarantees a stunning finish with these whiter designs in our collection. New for 2022, we have added a new design, with a much whiter marble, named ‘Snow’, completing a choice of three white shades of Mondeco Arctic. Mondeco can be installed in a variety of complicated patterns and precision cut forms using brass or aluminium trims, which are laid on the surface of the floor in a matrix that designates each area of the design. It is so adaptable, it can be pre-cast in different moulds and shapes to create terrazzo stair treads and risers, allowing for a seamless transition between the floor and wall.

Mondeco Arctic has been developed to provide superior UV light resistance and minimise yellowing. However, no products are 100% totally colour fast and may change colour over time. Colour change depends on the UV light and heat levels present and hence the rate of change cannot be predicted. This is more noticeable in very light colours but does not compromise the product’s flexibility or chemical resistance characteristics. Separate each adjacent application bay (a day’s lay) by a trim and ensure that single batch components are used within each bay. Intensively coloured products (e.g. hair colorants, medical disinfectants etc.) and plasticizer migration (e.g. from rubber tyres) can lead to irreversible discoloration in the surface. Please contact our Technical Services Department for further advice.

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Mondeco Arctic Polar.jpg

Mondeco Arctic Snow.jpg
  • Attractive: Extensive and flexible design to deliver the wow-factor underfoot.
  • Seamless Finish: Except for underlying slab joints and edging detail trim.
  • Resistant: Abrasion and superior UV light resistance to minimise yellowing.
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to clean and maintain, seamless surface with excellent life span.
  • Temperature Resistant: Tolerant of sustained temperatures up to 60°C.
Mondeco Arctic System Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS