Flowcrete UK suggests the following systems for use in Office environments…

Corporate offices are high-flying environments - the hub of commercial operations, a meeting place for visitors and customers as well as a home for employees during working hours - so make sure that your office makes the right noises underfoot!

Reception areas and lobbies are the doorway to your office and should be styled to make a welcoming and lasting impression on visitors, while offices are the centre of all business activity and must deliver a calm and peaceful vibe to ensure employees feel motivated and free from stress.

Sparkling seamless terrazzo, glossy finishes, smooth matt epoxies, contemporary stone carpets and car park deck coatings alongside a number of sub-floor screed systems are just a handful of the flooring products that can be utilised to create vibrant yet professional floors throughout an office complex.

The flexibility of Flowcrete UK’s commercial epoxy resin systems allows for bespoke corporate colours, logos and patterns to be worked into the floor design to create an interesting feature for staff and visitors alike. The resin flooring manufacturer’s commercial collection includes a wide variety of epoxy and methyl methacrylate systems that will complement the working environment while at the same time delivering maximum cleanability with minimal maintenance.