Dairy and Cheese

Flowcrete UK suggests the following systems for use in Dairy and Cheese environments…

Like most wet processing facilities, dairy and cheese plants can prove a challenging environment for unprotected concrete. Protective floor coating systems must offer sufficient chemical resistance to corrosive dairy fats, lactic acids and proteins as well as provide an anti-slip, easily cleaned and de-greased surface.

In addition, floors found in dairy and cheese processing facilities are subject to heavy forklift and pallet truck traffic as well as thermal shock conditions resulting from pressurised steam cleaning – both of which can lead to mechanical damage. They are also subject to spillage from water, milk, brine and whey. As such, they can present a slip and hygiene risk.

Resin flooring systems ensure a non-porous, smooth and seamless surface where and reduce the opportunity for bacterial and fungal growth to take place.

Flowcrete UK’s HACCP International certified and ISO 22196 compliant cementitious polyurethane flooring materials offer enhanced protection with the inclusion of Polygiene®, an antimicrobial additive based on silver ion technology. Our time proven Flowfresh range offers food and beverage processing clients a wide range of features and benefits designed to safeguard against contamination and safety risks in the food and beverage industry as well as offering a durable and resistant platform from which to work from.