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Deckshield ID is a flexible and durable polyurethane system for use on intermediate car park decks. Ensuring safety underfoot with enhanced traction. Tested and certified to OS8 and EN 1504-2, Deckshield ID softens over 70°C and hardens on cooling. With a positively textured anti-slip surface, this system minimises unpleasant noise from tyre squeal.

Please contact our Technical Advisors for details of specialist companies to supply line-marking, which can be re-coated throughout the life of the Deckshield system. No resin system is totally colour fast and may change colour over time (exhibits a yellowing effect). Colour change depends on the UV light and heat levels present and hence the rate of change cannot be predicted. This is more noticeable in very light colours but does not compromise the product’s physical or chemical resistance characteristics. We have endeavoured to adopt colours within our standard range which minimise this change.

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  • Independently Certified: Tested & certified to OS8 and EN 1504-2.
  • Slip Resistant: Positively textured anti-slip surface minimises slip and skid risks.
  • Chemical Resistant: Protects against diesel, fuel, antifreeze, hydraulic fluid, chlorides & battery acid.
  • Noise Reducing: Enhanced traction underfoot minimises unpleasant noise from tyre squeal.
  • Temperature Resistant: Softens over 70°C and hardens on cooling.
Deckshield Brochure (en-GB).pdf Brochure
Deckshield ID System Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf System Data Sheets