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Our team are on-hand to help you find an approved installer or become a member of the Tremco CPG Approved Partner Scheme.

Aiding you with the installation of resin flooring and screeds.

Flowcrete takes pride in our trusted network of approved installers. Through our Tremco CPG Approved Partner Scheme, we work very closely with a skilled network of approved installers, so developers, facility managers, and site operators can rest assured that our products will be applied quickly and effectively.

Our approved installers work in a partnership with us. They are fully trained and monitored to ensure that our high-quality standards of workmanship and customer service are consistently met and maintained. With their specialised knowledge, skills, and dedication, our partners ensure that our products are installed correctly, resulting in successful and safe construction projects.

What training is available through the Tremco CPG Approved Partner Scheme?

Our Tremco CPG Approved Partner Scheme covers the following flooring product applications for Flowcrete products:

Looking for an approved installer?

Flowcrete can recommend an installer near you who have been trained and are familiar with our products. This guarantees a high level of quality and ensures selection of a preferred functional and aesthetic solution can be made with complete confidence. Contact us here.

Why become a CPG approved partner?

Our extensive industry knowledge and the quality of our products mean our services are a first choice for our approved contractors nationwide. By partnering with us, you can enjoy a complete turnkey solution from design to application, receiving the adequate training and on-site support from our technical teams and a certificate that confirms you are best-in-class at installing our CPG products. Find out more about our Partner Scheme here.

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