Our Environment

  • Our Environment

Flowcrete UK Ltd is committed to developing our operations in a sustainable manner through the development of environmentally friendly flooring materials and using our planet's resources responsibly...

We are not only committed to providing innovative and sustainable flooring solutions, but also to using our planet's resources responsibly throughout the manufacturing process to off-set our carbon footprint.

Recycled Materials

Flowcrete UK has reintroduced a number of recycled products from heavy industry waste streams  into its manufacturing processes including pulverised fuel ash (PFA), ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs). Products in our seamless terrazzo range even contain recycled glass and mirror glass aggregates.

Packaging Waste

Where possible Flowcrete supplies materials in bulk using re-usable UN Certified Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) or recyclable drum containers, in preference to small packed systems, in order to reduce the quantity of non-reusable packaging and waste resulting from our flooring operations.

Energy Efficiency

Flowcrete's Isowarm Under Floor Heating ensures thermal comfort integrity by delivering invisible and controllable heat underfoot combined with possible energy savings of up to 30% when compared to traditional heating systems such as radiators or air conditioning.

Acoustic Insulation

Flowcrete's innovative Isocrete Acoustic K, a sub-floor soundproofing system that complies with Approved Document E of the 2003 Building Regulations, reduces noise levels in multi-occupancy spaces and absorbs sound generated from foot traffic.

Our research and development team are continually looking into ways to improve the environmental credentials of our products.

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