Electrostatic Discharge And Static Dissipative Flooring

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can pose a serious threat to sensitive electronic equipment - damaging circuitry, disabling components and generally posing a threat to a device’s working life. In facilities where flammable materials are present, static can even present a dangerous ignition risk!

The fragile and expensive nature of sensitive electronic components means that they require a controlled and stable electrostatic protected area (EPA) during manufacture and assembly to ensure low scrap rates, limit failures and to meet the customer’s high expectations.

The floor is a prime site for electrostatic build up, as simply walking across its surface can lead to an ESD event. You can create an effective EPA and ensure that an electronics facility is charged to fight electrostatic activity at ground level by selecting a seamless resin floor finish designed to deliver the ultimate in static control.

When used in conjunction with suitable footwear, Flowcrete UK’s static dissipative and conductive flooring systems can safeguard delicate electrical equipment from ESDs. Which type of anti-static solution to opt for depends on the amount of static that could potentially be generated as well as the sensitivity of the equipment on-site.

Flowcrete UK’s high-performance flooring systems can also provide superior chemical resistance and an anti-slip profile to meet all of the specialised needs associated with the electro-manufacturing and processing industries.