Distribution & Warehousing

The floor finish in warehouse and distribution centres is crucial to the “smooth” running of the facility, as any bumps, cracks or flaws in its surface can have serious consequences on the ability of lift trucks to move quickly and efficiently among the narrow racking systems.

To achieve this both the screed and finish need to be laid flat and level in every direction to Surface Regularity (SR) 1 so that lift trucks moving across the finish remain stable.

Flowcrete UK can provide specialist screeds and resin finishes formulated to create floors that meet this strict standard of smoothness and flatness. This includes self levelling and semi-dry cementitious screeds (e.g. Flowscreed Industrial Top, Isocrete K-Screed) combined with poured in-situ resins and high build coatings (e.g. Flowshield SL, Flowcoat SF41). 

Signage and navigational signage can be utilised within a warehouse to improve workflow around the site by making the most efficient routes around the facility easy to identify. It is also an effective way to highlight important safety issues, such as areas that include hazardous materials or where cross contamination is a concern.