Chemical Power and Water Processing

Plants that utilise aggressive chemicals and solvents need to be protected against the structural and environmental damage they can cause with specialist flooring systems tailored to withstand the harsh substances on-site.

This is a particular concern in chemical processing and wastewater treatment facilities, where it is vital that the floor in chemical storage areas, tank linings and plant rooms can maintain a safe and reliable surface. 

Flowcrete UK’s range of vinyl ester resin lining, bunding and coating systems have been designed to create a seamless and impervious shield against the most corrosive industrial substances. This range includes fast curing options to reduce downtime and even anti-static grades to safeguard the site from static electricity discharges.

Vinyl ester resin - a hybrid of polyester resin strengthened by the addition of epoxy resin - offers superior protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents including sulphuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid as well as ethanol, butane and methanol. This type of flooring has a high mechanical and thermal shock resistance, excellent bond strength as well as reduced shrinkage and a high level of durability.  

Flowchem VE GL has been specially formulated for the most heavy-duty industrial environments. It is reinforced with glass fibres to add strength to the lining, increase resistance to cracking while at the same time reduce curing shrinkage and the coefficient of thermal expansion.