Ryan Gerrard / 23 May 2023

Manufacturer Specifies Floors to Protect Against Impacts, Chemicals and Wear

Project Details

Metallink Fluid Power Systems has installed a combination of Flowcrete UK’s high performance industrial systems to ensure that the floor in each area of its manufacturing plant is up to the task at hand.

The process of manufacturing fabricated metal products that Metallink Fluid Power Systems undertakes in its Durham based facility would inevitably subject the floor to a long list of stresses and strains. 

5,250m2 of the epoxy resin coating Flowcoat SF41 was used to create a floor in the production and warehouse areas that would be able to withstand impacts, traffic and industrial conditions for an extended period of time. A bright red colour was chosen for the floor with standout yellow signage added into the finish.

Metallink Fluid Power Systems’ site includes a zinc phosphate area. The client knew that a specialist system would be required to protect the floor from exposure to the chemicals used in this part of the facility. 250m2 of Flowchem VE RC was therefore applied due to the exceptional chemical resistance properties of this system. 

A full scatter of quartz was incorporated into the new finishes, as this would allow the client to transport heavy baskets over the floor without it leaving scratches and blemishes in the surface.

The entire flooring project was completed in only two weeks. It was critical that this deadline was met in order to avoid prolonging the factory’s shut down period. The two-week schedule included a thorough prepping process of shot blasting and diamond grinding.