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Deckshield Linemarker QD is a single component, fast drying, solvent based, high build line marking product ideal for demarcation in parking bays. Fast drying, Deckshield Linemarker QD boasts good adhesion to a wide range of substrates e.g. wood, steel, concrete and Deckshield car park decking systems. With vivid colours available, this system has the ability to improve visibility and safety within a car park environment.

No resin system is totally colour fast and may change colour over time (exhibits a yellowing effect). Colour change depends on the UV light and heat levels present and hence the rate of change cannot be predicted. This is more noticeable in very light colours but does not compromise the product’s physical or chemical resistance characteristics. We have endeavoured to adopt colours within our standard range which minimise this change.

Deckshield Linemarker QD Traffic Yellow.jpg

Deckshield Linemarker QD White.jpg
  • Fast Curing Reduced drying times to minimise disruption to car park users.
  • Abrasion Resistant Excellent abrasion resistance to withstand vehicular traffic.
  • Colourful Demarcation Vivid colours available to improve visibility and safety.
Deckshield Linemarker QD Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
Deckshield Linemarker QD - Surface Protection Coating Declaration of Performance (en-GB).pdf Declaration of Performance
Deckshield Linemarker QD Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
Deckshield Linemarker QD System Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
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