MMA Resin Finishes

Explore our range of FAQs around Flowcrete's MMA resin floor finishes. 

Are there temperature limitations for MMA application?

MMA flooring can be installed within a wide temperature range and in conditions as low as -30°C, which makes it ideal for unheated construction sites or back-of-house cold stores, coolers and blast freezers.

Which properties can be specified with MMA flooring?

MMA is available in either non-slip or smooth textures to meet changing slip resistance requirements. The material is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals including most organic and mineral acids, alkalis, salt solutions, natural oils and fats.

What are the benefits of MMA flooring?

The greatest advantage of MMA flooring over epoxy or polyurethane alternatives is the material’s speed of installation and cure, often reaching full cure within only one to two hours. This minimises downtime and the associated production and profit losses for the client.

Is MMA flooring easily maintained?

MMA flooring is laid in situ to avoid pinholes, which can harbour dirt and spores. They also exhibit high UV resistance and will not become brittle with age, as is the case with epoxies.