Common Car Park Challenges

Rejoice Chikosi / 07 June 2023

Without the right solutions underfoot, car parks are likely to fall foul of a long list of challenges which could lead to cracked, unsightly and unclean deck surfaces – or worse, compromised concrete slabs and an unsafe structure.

To make sure that your multi-storey car park is ready for the demands that it will face, it is important to consider the following:

Moisture & Water Ingress

Water ingress can lead to reinforcement corrosion which can cause unsightly damage and discolouration and eventually lead to loss of structural integrity. It can also lead to salt-laden water dripping onto customers vehicles on decks below.

The primary function of a deck waterproofing system therefore is to prevent the ingress of water and water-borne contaminants into the concrete and levels below.

It is also a requirement of a deck coating system that it will allow the passage of moisture vapour i.e. that moisture already in the concrete can escape. This is important in avoiding blistering or delamination of the coating, and also in allowing moisture levels in the concrete to drop so that electrolytic activity is reduced thereby reducing the long-term risk of rebar corrosion.

Where moisture levels in the concrete are very high then consideration needs to be given to using systems that will tolerate this without failing- if construction deadlines or other factors mean that it is not possible to wait until the moisture levels drops to a more acceptable level.

It should be noted that car park deck waterproofing systems are not designed to act as waterproofing systems to prevent ingress of water from the ground-i.e. to deal with hydrostatic back pressure. 

Concrete Slab Movement

Car parks are constructed with large clear spans with a minimum number of supporting columns to achieve the maximum number of vehicle parking spaces. This type of construction, when subjected to cyclical traffic flow, inevitably leads to the structure flexing and moving.

The deck coating will also experience these issues and needs to be able to flex with the movement of the cars and the underlying concrete slab without splitting apart. If it is too rigid, and the deck is subject to cracking when exposed to the above forces, too thin or weak and the grinding punishment of the cars will wear away at the deck.

Flowcrete’s Deckshield Range

Thanks to the tried-and-tested solutions in Flowcrete Deckshield’s specialist range, car park operators can rest assured that their facility is protected from all of the above challenges for the long term.

The Deckshield car park deck protection systems have been specifically designed to fulfil the needs of both new constructions and the refurbishment of car park structures. Regardless of your car park requirements, our waterproofing solutions are designed to meet them comprehensively, catering to a range of environments.

Regardless of your car park needs, our systems are designed to meet them all. Why not speak to one of our car park deck specialists today. Our team of experts are on hand to offer you the best solution for your car park.