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US Homegrown Craft Beer Sensation, Brooklyn Brewery, Chooses Fresh Floor Finish for Williamsburg Plant Upgrades​

Bucking the trend for dairy brick, Brooklyn Brewery opted for close to 8,000 sq. ft. of urethane cement for major upgrade works to its manufacturing facility located at the former matzo plant where it has operated since 1996.

The durable and slip-resistant Flowfresh SR cementitious urethane floor was selected for installation in the brewery’s main production hall with a subsequent topcoat of 100% solids Flowcoat CR for additional chemical resistance in the face of punishing brewing conditions.

It takes a lot of heat to turn malt, hops, water and yeast into a beer ready for tasting. The heat helps unlock the enzymes and contributes to alcohol level. The malt is mixed at temperatures as high as 200 degrees – filling the plant with a sweet-smelling aroma for employees and visitors to the site taking the weekly tours. During brewing, the mixture varies between boiling and 65 degrees.

Flowfresh material is highly durable offering excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance. This makes the material ideal for installation in areas subject to extremely hot temperatures or those that may be exposed to intermittent hot spillage or hot water wash down processes.

Unlike dairy brick, Flowfresh cementitious urethane systems are installed in a seamless application, meaning no joint or grout lines, which can become susceptible to damage and cracking and once penetrated offer a ripe spot to harbour dirt, dust and other bacteria. 

Find out what makes Flowfresh an antimicrobial flooring.

Project Details

  • Client: Brooklyn Brewery
  • Products: Polyurethane Floor Screeds
  • Market Sector: Food and Drink
  • Location: New York, United States
  • Year: 2017

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