Hi Def Mass Spectrometry Facility

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Hi-Tech Facility Impresses with Mondéco Mirrazzo

A state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility chose a decorative floor for its atrium area that matched the contemporary aesthetics of the new, hi-tech building.

It was important that the facility’s entrance impress arriving visitors, as it will welcome not only employees but also customers, researchers and world leading scientists as well.

To achieve this visually appealing floor finish, 1,200m² of Flowcrete UK’s seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Mirrazzo was applied within the atrium area in a light silvery grey colour that matched the facility’s interior design scheme. Mondéco Mirrazzo has been designed to provide a high-quality, hard-wearing surface with light reflective aggregates incorporated within the resin material to create a shimmering lustre.

Mondéco Mirrazzo combines eye-catching properties alongside the abrasion resistance and durability of an epoxy resin system. This means that it will maintain its attractive appearance over an extended life cycle despite extensive use and wear.

Prior to applying the Mondéco Mirrazzo coating, 1,200m² of Flowcrete UK’s Hydraseal damp proof membrane was installed above the substrate to avoid moisture vapour underneath the floor finish from affecting the surface quality.

Flowcrete UK’s approved applicators had to take into account the site’s construction programme while installing the floor. This meant laying the entire system in phases over a five week period and then returning a month later for a further three weeks to complete the installation by grinding, polishing and sealing the floor.

Project Details

  • Client: Hi Def Mass Spectrometry Facility
  • Products: Seamless Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Offices
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Year: 2013

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