Royal London Insurance Building

Rejoice Mudehwe / 07 June 2024

Case Study: Royal London Insurance Building - Alderley Park, Macclesfield

When Royal London Insurance Group decided to relocate from Alderley Road to Alderley Park, our trusted partner Ancorite was in pole position to ensure that the new northern offices met the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics using Flowcrete’s Mondeco Flooring Range. Working alongside the appointed contractor, Ardmac, Ancorite was committed to delivering a high-quality installation that would enhance the new workplace for over 1,200 employees.

Mondeco Flooring Systems Installation
The central atrium of the building, previously home to AstraZeneca’s R&D facility, required a comprehensive flooring refurbishment.

A decorative Mondeco resin terrazzo floor, laid in two colours with aluminium preformed expansion joints and transition strips between colours, was selected for the 600m² central atrium. This choice was driven by the need for durability and an elegant finish that would stand the test of time in a high-traffic area. The installation was completed by Ancorite, whose expertise ensured a flawless result.

To complement the central atrium's flooring, Terrazzo precast skirting and column surrounds were used, providing a striking and cohesive finish that tied the space together. The careful project management by Ancorite ensured that the resin terrazzo floor was installed to the highest standards and finished with a decorative look.

Partnership Proud
The successful completion of the Royal London Insurance Building project at Alderley Park highlights Flowcrete’s dedication to delivering superior outcomes on complex projects. Our long-standing partnership with Ancorite was once again pivotal in achieving an exceptional result, reflecting our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

We are proud to have contributed to creating a modern and functional workspace for Royal London Insurance Group, and excited for many projects to come.