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Hackney Town Hall Expands with Decorative Mondéco Flooring

Hackney has emerged as one of the most creative and vibrant boroughs in London. The vast array of creative businesses has earned it a reputation as a cutting-edge, contemporary community. As a result, Hackney Town Hall recently undertook an innovative flooring refurbishment in its atrium area, designed by architects Hawkins\Brown.

The floor’s installation began in January 2017 and was completed over a period of two months. First Isocrete Fask K-Screed Heavy Duty was laid across the building’s 500m² atrium in order to ensure an early drying, high strength screed layer that could work with the specified underfloor heating system, Isowarm. This advanced heating method is an ideal way of meeting the economic, environmental and efficiency demands of modern construction projects.

To achieve a visually appealing floor finish, 500m² of Flowcrete UK’s seamless resin terrazzo system Mondéco Classic was applied in three custom colours that matched the interior design scheme separated with inlaid brass strips. The colours were applied in concentric rectangles of grey, cream and black, creating a classic aesthetic that complemented the surrounding town hall.

Mondéco Classic has been designed to provide a high-quality, hard-wearing surface with light reflective aggregates incorporated within the resin material to create a shimmering gloss finish. The durability of this system means that it will be able to maintain its high-end aesthetics in the face of heavy foot traffic, parties, dinners, the movement of tables and chairs and the inevitable scuffs and scrapes that it will be subjected to.

Terrazzo systems are increasingly desirable with commercial venues and public spaces looking to impress visitors while at the same time ensure a durable, easily maintained and resistant finish. The system is laid in-situ and can be installed to virtually any design or pattern.

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