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Flowcrete Saves Sensitive Electronics from Static

Flowcrete’s anti-static flooring solutions were the ideal choice to protect the sensitive electronics in Gread Elettronica’s new production plant.

Flowcrete has recently enhanced its presence in Italy with dedicated staff based in the country. This development has enabled the resin flooring specialist to increase its level of activity within the Italian resin flooring market.

Gread Elettronica has over 30 years of experience creating high-tech electrical products for a variety of sectors. It needed an easy to maintain floor for its facility that would provide a highly functional anti-static surface to stop static charge build up from damaging sensitive electrical components.

Flowcrete installed 490m² of Peran ESD SL and 2,400 m² of Flowseal ESD UV in Gread Elettronica’s plant. These solutions were chosen as they have been specially designed to create seamless floors that dissipate static electricity, making them ideal for manufacturing or clean room environments.

A key characteristic of Peran ESD SL is its hard wearing nature, which means it is able to withstand medium to heavy foot traffic, as well as movement from trolleys, pallet trucks and rubber wheeled fork lifts.

Flowseal ESD UV has a satin effect finish and it can withstand corrosive chemical spillages, thermal shock and hot water without failing, making it a very durable and reliable system. Its surface is also anti slip and UV stable.

The plant operators also chose these systems as they create smooth, hygienic, easy-to-clean floor finishes. This makes it easy to remove dust and contaminants that might otherwise become potential hazards to delicate electrical equipment.

Project Details

  • Client: Gread Elettronica
  • Products: Industrial Resins
  • Market Sector: Electronics, Manufacturing
  • Location: Italy
  • Year: 2013

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