Spanish City

Ryan Gerrard / 23 January 2023

Modern Flooring for Historic Spanish City

Project Details

Originally completed in 1910, ‘The Dome’ was a hub of activity thanks to its many attractions, stunning architecture and unique design. Almost 18 years after the venue’s final closure, Spanish City reopened after undergoing a renovation project that restored its historical features whilst balancing them with modern innovations.

The careful renovation of the Grade II Listed building’s iconic dome, reconditioned into a restaurant, was paramount. The expertise of Flowcrete UK was called upon to find flooring solutions for this area that would merge Spanish City’s early twentieth century heritage with modern building technology.

Firstly, over 500 m2 of the semi-dry, cementitious Isocrete K Screed and Isocrete K Screed HDP was installed alongside underfloor heating, in order to provide a heavy-duty base for the resin flooring.

To pay homage to twentieth century glamour, 200 m2 of the decorative seamless terrazzo Mondéco Earth was chosen in two complementary colours to form concentric circles around the dome. The neutral colours, separated by metal borders, provided a harmonised contrast to the dark timber flooring used in the centre of the dome.

Slip resistance in the space was incredibly important to keep staff and diners safe even with the risk of dropped foodstuff or beverages. To fulfil this, 200 m2 of Flowseal PU Matte (Ultra) with anti-slip was utilised to coat the Mondéco system, increasing health and safety at no aesthetic expense.

With new life breathed into the historic venue, the iconic Spanish City is once again an integral hub within Whitley Bay.

Graham Sword, Senior Manager, Regeneration, North Tyneside Council, said: “The choice of flooring to be used inside the Dome was a really important consideration and we are pleased with the end product, which looks great.”