Estuary Housing Association

Ryan Gerrard / 24 January 2023

Top Flight Flooring for Residential Refurbishment Project

Project Details

  • Client: Estuary Housing Association
  • Products: Fast Cure MMA Resins
  • Location: Southend-on- Sea, United Kingdom
  • Year: 2018

Flowcrete UK has supplied a large floor renovation project, in conjunction with Estuary Housing Association, involving six flights of stairs at one of the organisation’s 4,400 properties located in Essex.

The project, involved the upgrade of the existing rubber / vinyl finishes with a fast cure methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring systemFlowfast SHF, designed to provide a hardwearing surface in communal areas of multi-occupancy residential developments.

The fast cure properties of the Flowfast SHF system ensure minimal disturbance to the property’s occupants throughout the refurbishment process, returning the stairwells to service under a dramatically reduced turnaround when compared to other resilient surface coating products.

The project, located in Southend-on-Sea, involved the removal of the existing finishes back to the structural concrete followed by the installation of Flowfast SHF – a 4 mm system that sees decorative coloured floor flakes broadcast to refusal over a pigmented resin base and later sealed to deliver a smooth, satin finish.

A priming coat of Aqualock OneCoat was also applied at ground-floor level to allow for the immediate installation of moisture sensitive finishes on concrete with a moisture content of up to 97% Relative Humidity.

Risers, stringers and skirting details were all double coated with Deckshield Rapide Topcoat in Mid-Grey before a Quantum Stair nosing was installed – with Yellow inserts – to denote the first and last step of each flight.

The project represents the first of eight Estuary properties earmarked for floor refurbishment works in communal areas over the coming months.