Self-Levelling Floor Screeds Compound

Self-levelling screeds are applied in a liquid form which smoothes itself out over a given area. Flowcrete UK’s range of Isocrete Self Levelling Screeds offer numerous advantages for both new build and refurbishment projects.

These BS 8204-7 compliant, quick-laying screeds are less labour intensive and offer faster drying times than alternative materials, which helps developers speed up the construction timetable. These formulations can be laid at reduced thicknesses compared to semi-dry screeds, which results in reduced shrinkage, superior compressive strengths and impressive thermal conductivity in conjunction with underfloor heating.

How are self-levelling screeds applied? There are two ways of applying self-levelling screeds: by hand or with a pump.


The chosen refurbishment solution needs to suit the demands of the environment, its future use as well as the project’s financial and time constraints. Flowcrete UK’s wide range of flooring options means that there’s always a flooring system available to meet both the site’s budget and operational requirements.

Existing substrates that need to be renovated prior to the application of a new floor covering can be brought back up to standard with a layer of Isocrete Self Level Renovation. This cementitious, fibre reinforced and pumped self-levelling underlayment can even be laid over existing finishes to prepare the floor for a new covering.

New Build

Choosing floors for a new development can throw up a lot of questions and challenges. What does the floor need to look like? How can I make sure it withstands conditions on-site? What if it can’t be installed in time? How can I reduce the thickness and weight of the floor?

Flowcrete UK has developed its flooring range to provide a variety of screed and resin flooring options to any development that takes into account the aesthetics, construction practicalities, budget and application timetable.

It is important to ensure that the floor finish in each part of a facility will work for that area, as rarely will a one-size-fits-all approach to flooring work across a large-scale commercial or industrial complex.

Flowcrete UK has taken the demands of different environments into account and is able to provide floors for each part of a facility – from public facing areas that need highly decorative surfaces, to robust finishes for plant rooms, specialist deck coatings for multi-storey car parks and everywhere in between.

Hand Applied Screeds

Many semi-dry and self levelling screeds can be applied and trowelled into place by hand, which is particularly useful for small areas where machine application won’t be effective.

We have recently reformulated our self-levelling screeds to deliver a number of enhanced properties, including being even quicker to mix and apply, cutting down on dusting during mixing, as well as improving curing process, finish, flatness, and stability at low temperatures.

Our screeds are constantly being evaluated and improved to achieve the perfect balance of functionality and easy application, while limiting their environmental impact. 

Hand applied screeds can be used for either, new build or refurbishment projects. We work very closely with our skilled network of approved installers, so developers, facility managers, and site operators can rest assured that our screed will be applied quickly and effectively.

Pumped Screeds

Pumped screeds harden very quickly and result in a high-performance, cementitious, self-smoothing compound - ideal for creating a reliable underlayment that can be topped with a variety of floor finishes. You can also incorporate additional flooring components such as, underfloor heating or acoustic insulation.

New build and refurbishment projects can use modern pumped screeds to create environmentally friendly, weight-saving screeds with a reduced curing time.

Fast Drying Screeds

Fast drying screeds or ‘accelerated screeds’ are ideal for projects that have only a small window of time in which to complete the application, usually because the floor needs to be trafficked or overlaid quickly.

To achieve this, Isocrete Fast K-Screed combines consistency, high strength, rapid installation and excellent moisture control with drying times as low as 12 hours!

Using systems such as Isocrete Fast K-Screed, developers and contractors can rest assured that the screed will be finished by the deadline without having to sacrifice on the functionality, longevity or durability of the chosen system.