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A self-smoothing, medium duty, HACCP International certified, antimicrobial treated polyurethane resin floor finish.
Flowfresh SL is ideal for dry, packing areas and processing zones subject to light-medium foot and wheeled traffic. This trowel applied system delivers a seamless joint-free finish.

Flowfresh represents a new generation of high-performance antimicrobial flooring. Created in partnership with Polygiene®, Flowfresh harnesses
natural silver to inhibit the growth of most types of harmful bacteria. Flowfresh has been tested against the ISO 22196 standard.

The new speed of cure in these systems mean the wearing layer can be reduced by 1/3 when compared to our regular Flowfresh systems. The application area can be trafficked in just 5 hours after the body coat is applied, resulting in significant reduction of time and installation costs.

Flowfresh SL is not colour fast and may change colour
over time (exhibits a yellowing effect). Colour change
depends on the UV light and heat levels present and
hence the rate of change cannot be predicted. This is
more noticeable in light colours and blues but does
not compromise the product’s flexibility or chemical
resistance characteristics. We have endeavoured
to adopt colours within our standard range which
minimise this change. Intensively coloured products
(e.g. hair colourants, medical disinfectants etc.) and
plasticizer migration (e.g. from rubber tyres) can lead
to irreversible discolouration in the surface. Please
contact our Technical Services Department for further

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  • Polygiene®: Contains a silver ion antimicrobial additive proven to inhibit the growth of most types of harmful bacteria.
  • Chemical Resistant: Excellent resistance to sugars and most acids (organic and inorganic).
  • Wear Resistant: Holds its own against impact, traffic and chemical attack.
  • Easy to Clean: Minimal surface joints make the surface easy to clean and sterilise.
Flowfresh SL - Synthetic Resin Screed Declaration of Performance (en-GB).pdf Declaration of Performance
Flowfresh SL Part C Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
Flowfresh SL System Data Sheet (en-GB) - web.pdf TDS