Fast Drying Screeds

  • Fast Drying Screeds
  • Fast Drying Screeds
  • Fast Drying Screeds

Fast drying screeds or ‘accelerated screeds’ are ideal for projects that have only a small window of time in which to complete the application, usually because the floor needs to be trafficked or overlaid quickly.

To achieve this, Isocrete Fast K-Screed combines consistency, high strength, rapid installation and excellent moisture control with drying times as low as 12 hours!

Using systems such as Isocrete Fast K-Screed, developers and contractors can rest assured that the screed will be finished by the deadline without having to sacrifice on the functionality, longevity or durability of the chosen system.

Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete UK's range of Fast Drying Screeds...

Technical Data

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