Warehouse Flooring

Explore our FAQs for resin flooring in relation to warehouse environments. 

What colours are available for warehouse flooring?

Seamless resin floors are available in almost any colour, and it’s possible to blend bespoke colours and apply resin systems in floor designs tailored to a specific client or facility.

Using colour can help to zone a space, highlighting walkways and areas of increased danger. Choosing corporate colours is also a great way to reflect brand identity within a warehouse.

What are the key considerations for warehouse flooring?

This largely depends on what the warehouse is storing, but for the majority of facilities the floor will need to be flat, durable and slip resistant.

Surface evenness is vital to making sure that lift trucks can easily move around and that racks are level. The point where the racks meet the floor also needs to be considered to ensure that the pressure won’t crack the finish. In fact, any place where heavy objects are being placed must have a coating underneath that can withstand the weight and point loading stress.

Other considerations include the use of colour and demarcation for zoning, being able to easily clean away spillages, being resistant to any chemicals that might come into contact with the floor and UV resistance for areas with high levels of exposure to sunlight.

The thickness of the coating or screed system needs to be duly considered in terms of providing sufficient thickness of cover in order to prevent it from being damaged under both impact and loading.

Frequency of wheeled trafficking is an important factor for the correct specification of resin based coating finishes in terms of providing adequate levels of abrasion resistance over a defined period of time.

Is slip resistance necessary for warehouse flooring?

To reduce the risk of slips in the workplace, aggregates can be incorporated into the floor to provide greater traction underfoot.

This could be applied on walkways or in packaging areas where the likelihood of dropped or spilled substances is higher.

The nature and type of liquid spillages will have a direct bearing on the appropriate degree of slip resistance required, the geological and mineralagy based nature of the aggregate, along with type, particle size and shape of the slip resistant aggregate incorporated in the resin coating finish should be carefully selected and considered for the purposes of providing a robust slip resistant profile.