Flowcrete’s Resin Flooring Scores in Elegance, Colour, Creativity & Functionality

Rejoice Chikosi / 19 January 2024

From the plush shop fronts of high-end retail to hospitals, airports, colleges and other public spaces, one of the reasons why resin flooring remains popular in commercial environments is the benefit of having flooring with long-term durability, strength and resistance to foot traffic.

As well as being functional, resin is also seamless, creating an attractive visual of a smooth surface with minimal joints. This makes cleaning the floor much easier as dropped foodstuff, dirt and bacteria have fewer places to hide.

Flowcrete have been specialists in manufacturing resin flooring for many years and our chosen form for creativity is, unsurprisingly, resin flooring.  Our seamless terrazzo system Mondéco offers an unlimited scope for creativity. Any design imaginable can be crafted, including intricate outlines, waves of colour, abstract patterns, swirling shapes and corporate logos – all laid out in shining multicoloured art beneath your feet. It’s not just the design that can be bespoke, but even the floor’s colour and its shimmering lustre can be creatively adapted with different decorative aggregates.

Resin based floor coatings can be installed on a wide range of substrates and surface materials including concrete, cementitious Isocrete Floor Screeds, and marine ply as well as various types of tiles and pre-existing resinous material.

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