Benefits of Screed Additives

Rejoice Chikosi / 25 August 2023

Screeds play a vital role when it comes to constructing durable and high-quality concrete as they are designed to prepare the sub-floor prior to the application of floor-coverings. A screed additive helps to improve the innate properties of a standard screed to support the construction process. It also assists with the workability of the concrete mixture making it easier for contractors to lay and level the screed without sacrificing other critical structural or functional elements of the building work.

This vital addition yields remarkable results, and we will use this blog to look at the some of these advantages. We will also delve into what this means for the contractor on site and end by highlighting the key benefits of our Isocrete additives.

Faster Drying Times for Improved Walk-on Time

A screed additive can facilitate fast drying time due to the reduced water content and the acceleration of the hydration process. This means the screed can be trafficked quickly and floor coverings laid sooner. This is a great advantage for contractors on site as it allows for faster construction process particularly for time-sensitive projects. Quicker drying time also helps grants earlier access to the floors for subsequent trades enabling other construction activities to commence sooner.

Increased Compressive Strength

Another advantage of using a screed additive is that they can significantly improve the sand and cement mix’s strength and durability. This results in a resilient sub-floor that can withstand traffic loads from follow-on trades. The screed maintains structural integrity despite impact from load and strain caused by construction traffic. Additives also help the screed reach its desired strength quickly and the quicker the screed reaches its desired strength, the quicker the construction process.

Crack and Shrinkage Reduction

Traditional concrete screeds are prone to shrinkage and cracking due to the natural curing process. However, adding specific additives to the mix can help minimise these issues. The screed additive reduces the water content, mitigating shrinkage and cracking during the curing process. Consequently, the floor maintains its integrity and aesthetics, avoiding repairs and replacements.

Screed additives offer several of benefits that improve the performance of subfloors. From faster drying time to increased strength, to improved workability and reduced shrinkage, screed additives have become necessary for modern construction projects. Whether it's for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, a high-quality screed is a decision that reaps long-term rewards for any construction project regardless of scale and scope.

Flowcrete’s range of Isocrete screeds offer numerous benefits for use in both new build and refurbishment projects. They are also more robust in multi-use application depths, less sensitive to elevated application temperatures and offer an improved stability/shrinkage profile. What’s more, these applicator friendly formulations can be laid at reduced thickness, delivering reduced shrinkage, superior compressive strengths, and impressive thermal conductivity in conjunction with underfloor heating.

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