Semi-Dry Cementitious

  • Semi-Dry Cementitious
  • Semi-Dry Cementitious
  • Semi-Dry Cementitious

The key to a strong, reliable, and sustainable floor is to use a quality screed that delivers the strength required to meet Category A or BRE screed test standards (as per BS 8204-1), and which will do so quickly, in order to allow for the speedy installation of final floor finishes.

Our semi-dry cementitious screeds deliver some of the most robust screed layers available, making them ideal for locations likely to face challenges such as very heavy footfall, physical impacts, and forklift truck movement.

Our award-winning Isocrete K-screed system is a semi-dry cementitious
screed that combines consistency, high strength, rapid installation and excellent moisture control with the ability to add a number of bolt-on subfloor systems such as, underfloor heating and acoustic insulation.

Containing a proprietary plasticising and accelerating admixture used to modify and enhance the performance of sand and cement based screeds, Isocrete K-Screed is the screed of choice for those looking to achieve a strong level platform on which to quickly lay a variety of floor finishes – including tiles, carpet, wood, vinyl and resin. Curing times can be as fast as 2-4 days compared to the typical 7-day cycle of traditional sand and cement screeds.

Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete UK's range of Semi-Dry Cementitious Screeds...

Technical Data

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