Our Services

  • Applying resin floor by trowel.
  1. Tailored resin flooring solutions

We are one of the world leaders in the resin flooring industry. We have a very wide range of products, which allows us to propose solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of any construction project. We have over 25 years of experience in specyfing floors for rooms and areas of different purposes.

  1. Technical support on site

Our technical advisors and sales representatives use their knowledge and experience to provide assistance on site befor and during application of our resin flooring solutions. They can help to assess the quality of the substrate, choose the right conditions to start application or advise on flooring technology.

We provide an individual approach to each project. If necessary, we modify the formulas on a regular basis and develope new solutions so that the flooring system can be adapted to the speficic requirements of any project.

  1. Customer Service & Logistics

We manufacture most of our products in Warsaw, Poland. This also the location of our distribution centre from where we send the order across Central & Easter Europe.

Our Customer Service department is very quick and effective in organising different meants of transport in order to send the order to the Customer on time.

  1. Technical trainings

We provide technical trainings for contractors and flooring applicators in order to help them use correct application methods complaint with Flowcrete guidelines. We also offer demonstrations of new products and solutions.

We also participate in seminars for architects. The aim of these meetings is to present our flooring technology, its advantages, including vritually unlimited design possibilities.

  1. Application

Across Eastern Europe we cooperate with a network of Approved Contractors - companies that have been certified as official Flowcrete flooring contractor. This certificate is granted only to experienced and reliable flooring companies that have a full ability to apply Flowcrete flooring systems. Please contact your local Flowcrete representative in order to get in touch with one of Flowcrete CEE Approved Contractors.

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