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Rolls Royce Aerospace Facility Refurbishes with Flowcrete

When Rolls Royce refurbished an aerospace engine facility in Coventry, it was imperative that the floor finish was replaced in order to provide a surface fit for the high-tech demands of the upgraded site.

The existing floor was extremely uneven and was incompatible with the facility’s new equipment. A flat finish was required within the new clean room area to ensure that the building’s Hover machine could operate without the loss of air traction.

To achieve this, a thorough preparation process was carried out and a combination of materials from Flowcrete UK was specified to create 183 m2 of robust, level and attractive flooring that would be up to the task at hand.

To begin with a survey was conducted in order to understand where the concrete level needed to be reduced and where it required building up. After the preparation works were finished a secondary level survey was carried out prior to applying the screed. 

The fast drying, pump applied, cement-based floor topping Flowscreed Industrial Top was installed to form a robust screed layer that could be effectively combined with a resin system. The self-smoothing epoxy floor finish Flowshield SL in a crisp white was then applied to complete the flooring build up. 

Flowshield SL was ideal for the aerospace engine facility’s needs, as it would be able to maintain a smooth, level and clean finish for an extended period of time despite the many challenges inherent to such a complex industrial site. In fact, the floor proved so successful that Rolls Royce has chosen to install the same system across an additional 1,500 m2 of its Coventry facility.

Project Details

  • Client: Rolls Royce
  • Products: Industrial Resins
  • Market Sector: Aerospace
  • Location: Coventry
  • Year: 2017

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